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New Trams

Trolley Brokers represents a tram manufacturer located in California that produces the largest selection of trams of any manufacturer in the industry, with the following features, plus many more:

  • Governed maximum speeds based on application
  • Materials resistant to weather and environmental conditions
  • Tram widths from 57 to 102 inches
  • Engine choices: diesel, propane and electric
  • Safe, easy entry with low-floor construction
  • Comfortable “automotive type” suspension and ride
  • Four-wheel-steer tram trailers that track with the power car
  • Tram passenger capacities from 18 to 100 plus
  • Hydraulic activated disc brakes on trailerʼs all four wheels

These “venue specific” trams are built from the ground up to meet the customerʼs specific requirements. The customerʼs route profile, duty cycle, passenger count, passenger features and visibility, operator comfort, aesthetics, loading area, weather conditions, two or four-wheel drive, preferred fuel, etc. are all taken into consideration prior to the manufacturer quoting a price.

Comprehensive and professionally prepared operator, service and maintenance manuals are provided in digital format and easily understood by even the most inexperienced service personnel. An on-site company Field Service Trainer and follow-up program are available to help insure a successful tram operation. The manufacturer also has an extensive parts inventory to insure prompt service and maintenance assistance.

Normal build-out times are 8 to 16 weeks from time of order. Production times vary subject to factory volume and time of year. A deposit of 30% is required. Price quotes are provided within 48 hours following a comprehensive evaluation of the customerʼs needs.

FOR PRICE QUOTES, CALL 1-800-261-2969

Below are examples of the tram people movers
that we represent.

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MODEL 6000

Model 3000L

MODEL 3000L Trolley Tram

Model 9000 ET

MODEL 9000 ET Trolley Tram

Model 9000GC Choo Choo Tram

Model 9000GC Choo Choo Tram

Model 9000G Power Unit with Model 1005 Trailer

Model 9000G Power Unit with Model 1005 Trailer

Model 9000G Power Unit with 2100 Series Trailer

Model 9000G Power Unit with 2100 Series Trailer

For more information about this equipment, call 1-800-261-2969