About Us

Trolley Brokers, LLC was started by Wayne Groome, salesman and auctioneer, in the early 1990's.  Wayne became the Trolley Professional, working with the many used trolleys, and at that time, the five manufacturers.  He also has conducted many appraisals throughout his career.   If you want to know anything about trolleys, Wayne is the guy!   

With that said, Wayne is beyond retirement age, and has stepped aside, ready to support his daughter Marsha, who has taken on the business.  Marsha started and ran a trolley business herself for four years, her introduction into the world of trolleys.   As of this year, 2023, Marsha is driving the company with the support and guidance of Wayne.

Marsha's background is in operations and management for television.  She is full of energy, loves people and enjoys diving into new things.  She'll be looking forward to building relationships with all the trolley people out there.